Hello, I am Kyriakos Georgiou.

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I'm a researcher, software developer and trying to stay cool.


Kyriakos Georgiou holds a MSc. in Internet Technologies with Security from the University of Bristol and a BSc. in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus. He has worked as a Research Assistant at the Computer Science Department of the University of Cyprus conducting research on web personalization using an eye-tracker. He has also worked as a Compiler Engineer at XMOS Ltd and then at Paralant Ltd. During the last three years, Kyriakos has been working as a Research Associate at the University of Bristol,

on the ENTRA project that aimed to promote "energy-aware"; software development using advanced program analysis and modelling of energy consumption in computer systems. Currently he is working for the EMC 2 European project, with the aim to establish Multi-Core technology in all relevant Embedded Systems domains. His main research interests are WCET analysis, static code analysis, compilers optimizations, energy consumption analysis and optimizations and software testing.



Kyriakos Georgiou's research interests are static resource analysis with focus on Worst Case Execution Time (WCET) and energy consumption, compiler optimizations and software testing.


He was one of the 50 engineer researchers selected across the whole UK, to present their research to the UK members of parliaments at the Set For Britain Event. "My presentation topic was on the research I contacted the last two years on energy-aware development and how it can help for the development of greener IT products (poster)."

Obtained a Distinction on his MSc in Internet Technologies with Security and scored the top mark in his Course.


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